About Us

Who is 'Eat With Your Eyes'?

Wayne Gillard Head Chef

Wayne has over 45 years experience working in kitchens throughout Australia, Norfolk Island and all around New Zealand. Wayne has acquired many skills throughout his career and can perfect a wide range of menus from every culture. Wayne's passion has always been in creating patisserie delights and he has produced several award winning margarine sculptures and ice carvings over his career. Every meal that leaves Wayne's kitchen has to be up to his exceptional standard and he prides himself on putting 110% in to every meal to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Whats with the name?

Here at Eat with your Eyes, we pride ourselves on our customers experiencing the full culinary experience. From the moment our food leaves our kitchen to your last bite we want you to experience all the sensory components of enjoying a quality meal. You Eat with your Eyes before you taste with your mouth and that is what sets up your whole dining experience.