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All our ingredients is locally somthing something about nice things and stuff and fresh.


  • Garlic Bread
    Homemade bread with lots of garlic, keep the vampires away. Four for $15 Two for $8 One for $5
  • Shrimp Cocktail
    Served on chefs salad with brandy feathered cocktail sauce, lemon wedge. Main $24.00 Entree $15.00
  • Sticky Chicken Wings
    Boned wings marinated in sweet chilli, garlic, hoisin sauce, ginger, oven roasted then reduced with coca cola until nice and sticky, Served on rice. Main $25.00 Entree $16.00
  • Soup of the Day
    Homemade fresh soup served with our own garlic bread. Main $18.00 Entree $12.00
  • Scallop Brochette
    Nelson scallops wrapped in bacon grilled golden, served on rice with a red pepper sauce and lemon wedge. Main $32.00 Entree $16.00
  • Garlic Prawn Kebabs
    Char grilled garlic prawns served with salad greens and seasonal accompaniments. Main $22.00 Entree $12.00


  • Bangers and Mash
    Two Clyde sausages on a bed of mash and cheese, lashings of onions, pan gravy. Main $18.00
  • Steak Eggs & Chips
    Local favourite, 180gms Ribeye steak cooked to your liking, with two eggs and fries. Main $22.00
    Garlic Butter $3.00 Brandy Pepper Sauce $4.00 Mushroom Sauce $4.00
  • Chicken Ballotine
    Two boneless thighs, stuffed with spinach, feta, rolled in bacon, poached in fresh chicken stock then pan fried, served on red pepper couli sprinkled with feta cheese. Main $32.00
  • Beef Schnitzel Parmaigian
    Topside crumbed beef schnitzel, pan fried topped with tomato concasse, cheese, oven baked, Served with a dish gravy. Main Parmaigian Topping $28.00 Main Plain Schnitzel $24.00
  • Roast of the Day
    Prime cut slow roasted, ask for todays special served with a selection of fresh local vegetables. Main $28.00
  • Catch of the Day
    Classic fish and chips served with chefs salad, homemade tartare sauce and lemon wedge. Main $28.00 Light Meal $20.00
  • Chicken Pot Pie
    Sauteed chicken, onions, mushrooms, bacon, with white wine, cream, reduced served in puff pastry case with mash potato and salad garnish. Main $26.00

Ranfurly Burgers

All burger buns come with sauce, aioli, topped with cheese, served with fries.

  • Beef Caramelized Onions
    180gms beef patty topped with lashings of onions $16.00
  • Fresh Chicken & Bacon
    Fresh chicken thigh topped with two rashers of bacon with apricot sauce. $18.00
  • Fish & Chip Burger
    Battered fish fillet with a slab of grilled potato dusted with cajun spice. $18.00
  • Vegetarian Burger
    Kumara and cashew nut patty topped with a black doris plum chutney. $18.00
  • Works Burger
    Beef patty, onion, egg, two rashers of bacon. $22.00

Large $25.00 Medium $16.00

Ranfurly Pizzas

  • Chicken Bacon and Camenbert
    Chicken, bacon, onions, camenbert cheese, capsicums and BBQ Sauce
  • Meat Lovers
    Ham, bacon, salami, chorizo, red peppers and BBQ Sauce
  • Vegetarian
    Seasonal fresh vegetables, red pepper couli, camenbert cheese.

Platter for Two

  • Seafood
    Fish bites, squid rings, muscles, scallops, prawn twisters, crumbed prawns, lemon, tartare sauce and fries $26.00
  • Trail
    Mini spring rolls, samosas, wontons, fish bites, chicken tenders, onion rings, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and wedges. $28.00
  • Spicy Wedges
    Crispy wedges 500gms, bacon, onions, cheese and sour cream. $18.00
  • French Fries
    Small Basket 500gms $5.00 Large Basket 1kg $10.00
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